Americana-tinged folk singer-songwriters Sarah Larkham and Elliot Hall write intelligently crafted songs Inspired by 60s and 70s folk, country and blues. Their music is often compared alongside that of Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and Emmylou Harris, their harmonies often to that of Emmylou's partnership with Gram Parsons, or the pairing of Glen Hansard with Marketa Irglova. With Elliot's gruff vocal tones softened by his poetic lyrics, Sarah's country-edged golden voice floats over the top like the sun breaking through clouds.

Larkham and Hall are inspired by the stories of everyday people and their songs reflect this. These are story songs such as Bruce Springsteen might write, perhaps with a touch more melancholia... the Portuguese might refer to 'saudade'... and the Spanish, 'duende'... whatever it is, these songs are magical, and will stay with you long after the concert has ended.


Multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Elliot (Bristol songwriter of the year 2012) writes 'with a rare honesty and passion' (Anna Britten Venue Magazine) and is joined by fellow songwriter and singer Sarah (‘A vocal dynamo. A true songbird of Americana’ Bluesdoodles)

Often, Larkham and Hall perform with violin virtuoso and keyboard player Charlie Rose - who has even been known to play both instruments on the same song!

The couple met in 2012 and have been busy collaborating on musical projects since, working extensively with music in mental health, addiction and dementia settings. They are two members of alt-blues band COYOTE BLUE and also have a dedicated Bob Dylan covers act - THE HARD RAIN BAND.


They both also perform as solo artists.

Critical acclaim for Elliot’s first couple of albums included a hand penned letter from music journalist Alex Lee Thompson (NME) proclaiming ‘congratulations young man, this is the best collection of songs I have ever been asked to review’



'Stick or Twist' (2012) Produced with Jim Barr (Portishead) 

‘Songs of Hurt and Healing’ (2018) Produced with Matt Sampson

Both available on Spotify and i-Tunes


'Next to Nothing' (2006) 

'Sonnets and Singers' (2007) (Released on Mississippi Records)

'Adults are Stupid' (2010) 

All available on Spotify and i-Tunes


'Heavenly' EP (2021) 

Available on Bandcamp

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