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Larkham and Hall are a Singer/Songwriter duo hailing from the marina in Bristol harbour. Displaying a flair for lyrics, story-songs and vocal harmonies, the husband and wife team often garner comparisons with songwriters such as Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Joni Mitchell and Tom Waits, and draw influences from the same.

Sarah and Elliot blend her country-edged, soulful vocal and his smoky room, rare-steak, bourbon-laced tones to create a sound that is both romantic and passionate, often packing a real punch when combined with Elliot’s heavyweight, poetic vocals about the darker sides of life. They marry Americana and folk narratives with cut-throat honesty to deliver a collection of songs that have a strong emotional pull, often with an audible nod to their early interest in rock music, sixties troubadours, and latterly an affinity with Spanish flamenco.

Growing up in Blagdon village, Elliot Hall was diagnosed with schizophrenia aged seventeen, and spent the next seven years in psychiatric hospital battling the illness. When his father bought him his first green Stratocaster guitar (which he still plays on stage today) he says he knew he could finally find a way out, through music. Using his beloved Bob Dylan as a benchmark for lyrics, he has now written over 2,000 songs and worked his way up, out of hospital to win the title Bristol Songwriter of the Year. Today, he uses music to help other people suffering severe mental illness, through his charity Mind Your Music. Both Sarah and Elliot teach and mentor vocalists, songwriters and guitar players on their Dutch barge in Bristol, and have brought music into drug and alcohol addiction centres, psychiatric care homes and prisons as part of their work.

The duo – who regularly perform sell out shows – are often joined by creative and expressive musician Charlie Rose on keyboard and violin, who matches their passion and flair for romance and emotion in music and on the stage.

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