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New EP coming Spring 2023


It has been five years (nearly six!) since the release of Songs of Hurt and Healing, and in that time both of us have written countless songs, especially Elliot, who tends to be most prolific when we are travelling - and he wrote many during our travels in Argentina (where I wrote Boy with a Fish, incidentally)


But this EP isn't just to showcase our new songs - we also wanted to make a recording featuring the splendid talents of multi-instrumentalist Charlie Rose, who we have been lucky enough to share the stage with at several great Bristol venues now.

Charlie plays with the same kind of passion as both of us, he can be beautiful and tender and he can also be intense and exciting. Just what our roster of songs called for. Whether on violin or piano, he has a knack for finding a space  to bring some magic, and filling it perfectly.

We will be performing with Charlie at Chapel Arts Centre in Bath on March 3rd next year.  Tickets

We have chosen to record with Matt Sampson of Bink Bink Studios in Redland Bristol for many years (recording Stick or Twist in 2012 with Jim Barr at J&J Studios) and this next recording will be no different. Matt's organic, analogue approach to music (and life!) fits perfectly with our ethos and we look forward to working with him again.

Who knows - this EP may become an album...

We'll keep you posted.

Happy trails,

Sarah xx

Elliot Hall has a literary agent for his musical memoirs!


Written during lockdown, Elliot's memoirs (titled 'Hope in Hell' - from psychiatric ward to concert hall') detail his difficult teenage years and how he overcame his extreme problems not with medication but with music, and take the reader up until the time he won Bristol Songwriter of the Year (2012) and performed on St George's Bristol's hallowed stage.

He recently signed to Annette Green Author's Agency so watch this space - if all goes well you should get to read the story. he wrote the song 'Music' about very soon...

We're back at The Acorn Theatre, Penzance - April 5 2023

We love Cornwall (who doesn't?) and we love the beautiful, intimate and very arty Acorn Theatre run by an enthusiastic team of volunteers. We're looking forward to bringing the camper van down and looking for pirates (!) as well as to a beautiful night of music. Join us! Tickets here

“This is the kind of daydream we need in England to reignite a spark for credible new songwriters. Fans of folk, poetry and rock 'n' roll should pay attention to this wholly earnest and breathtakingly awe inspiring rogue'

Alex Lee Thompson, NME review of Elliot Hall

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