Hello from Argentina! The break has been both incredible and also very tough. The whole trip no-one has spoken any English so we've had to rely totally on Elliot's Spanish which is really hard because the accent is so different,  a double 'l' in spanish is pronounced 'y' but hear they pronouce it 'sh'!  We've been robbed twice but it doesn't particularly worry us - the country is having  a horrendous time and over half the children under 15 are under the poverty line. We've literally seen parents holding their kids in nappies emptying out dust bins at 1am in the morning and searching for scraps of food. We haven't done things the easy way - we left the coast of Mar Del Plata for a 6 hour bus journey to find a house in the delta with no address and an approaching thunderstorm. Then the next day the river burst it's banks and our garden was a river! It was like living in the rainforest. It's definitely been a life changing trip and the people have been maybe the nicest people we've ever met and we love talking to the locals. We love the informality of Latin America so much and to be welcomed so much by people in such poverty has been very touching and we've never danced so much. We have a handful of new songs inspired by the trip to play at our first gigs of the year next month. Check our Tour page for all of our show dates. Elliot and Sarah.

Jan 21 2020


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